Why Zwift leads bad habits of pedestrians.

(Artur Kubinski) #1

Why Zwift leads bad habits. Walking on the road should take place on the opposite side of the road. Now it is not correct. Zwift introduces bad habits in normal life. Recipe says, go to the left side of the road, if the right-hand traffic.

(P MAC) #2

Cheers Ken Barlow

(Alan Boguslawski) #3

Despite the downvotes, I agree that it would make more sense for runners to be on the opposite side of the road like in real life. It would be a little difficult on the one-way routes though like Richmond and the loop around the radio tower in Watopia because the runners will do the routes backwards. 

(Paul Allen) #4

I think Zwift was trying to avoid head on collisions between the cycling and the running avatars.


(David Griscom YCW) #5

I had not even given it a thought until this post. My hope is that at some point Zwift splits up the runners and cyclists

(. 慢马 .) #6

if you ride hard on Zwift, you won’t have time to notice anything. So, go ride harder :)