Riding on the LEFT hand side of the road

Hi all,

Even though us Aussies do ride on the left hand side of the road, I don’t think they do in Watopia. I have Sterzo Elite Smart Riser Block and it allows me to ride on the left hand side of the road as illustrated by my screen dump. Not all roads are effected, but the Out And Back Again route allows me this feature.

Is this a bug?

This happened to me on the second day of the Tour of Watopia - Stage 1 at the beginning of the desert flats (see below). But I’ve noticed (and mentioned in another post) that since the group dynamics AI update last month, the preference for a course alteration to the left (when a course alteration to the right or none whatsoever) is being used inappropriately/inefficiently. It also seems to me that, just as IRL, it would make sense for slower riders to be placed at the margins of the roadway, and stopped riders to be placed on the shoulder. The transition from slower to stopped should follow a path to these areas. In this manner, we would experienced fewer instances in Zwift when our avatar is suddenly swerving way to the left to avoid a slower or stopped rider in the middle of the road. Since the recent update, regardless of the course, the avatars now illogically favor a course towards the center of the roadway, rather than a natural speed-based “lane” selection. Even in Manhattan’s Central Park, which traffic flows anti-clockwise, slower traffic is at the margin (the inside of the circle), and faster, overtaking traffic passes to the outside of the circle, even though this is contrary to the typical American pass-on-the-left custom. The ride feel since the update, though smoothed, still needs substantial improvements that take these issues into account.

I remember this event (below) clearly, because I often ride in the evenings (EDT), when the Aussies first start populating Zwift in their day. And I laughed (in a chat) about how they were riding down the “wrong” side of the roadway!