Why suddenly so easy?

I’m new enough to swift. I’ve a dumb trainer. Today on an endurance spin my power looked fine compared with those around me on roads but then in jungle section everyone switched to MTB except a few incl. me. Lots of comments that MTB so much faster on rough ground but I was now flying by people despite lower w/kg. Embarrassed, I dropped out. Tried two other events then and in each it was all too easy, even on roads, so quit those too. Does anyone know why this might happen? One theory I have is slippage may be happening (shiny tyre, shiny contact surface) but Zwift wasn’t saying that. I know dumb turbos are iffy but I’ve been ok by comparison up to this, working hard to stay with equivalent riders.

If your tire is slipping then your speed will be to high. Make sure to tighten the roller.

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I’m assuming your zwift is up to date?

Thanks Gerrie. There’s no way to increase the tightness of the spring. Takes two hands to release it. I’ll try reducing tire pressure to get more grip

Generally you want 110 psi. Less pressure will result in more slipping.

Ok, thanks. Would’ve thought the opposite. On slippy roads, we let some air out of the tyres :thinking:.

When you increase the air pressure you also increase the overall circumference of the tire and firmness resulting in better grip against the trainer.

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Do you have to enter tyre size in zwift? if so check that is the correct type/size.

Of course. I’ll try all suggestions. Thanks guys. (I’ll go ‘smart’ as soon as I can).