Why, o why I've decided to leave Zwift. The story of how great a disappointment could be.. The simple truth about


Where do I begin
To tell the story of how great a disappointment could be…
The simple truth about …
I have no answers now but this much I can say…
And she’ll be there…

the same topic became a very popular one in our modern days, so I’ve been thinking about it for a while and finally decided to write my own topic about “Why I’ve decided to leave Zwift. Good by Zwift and so on”

I could probably write a book about the whole story, but will leave the book writing for later years, thus you’ll find here only the top of the iceberg of unsatisfaction, disappointment, desperation, hopelessness, frustration, distress, anxiety, discomfort (and other similar words from online dictionary).

Will start with simple bullet points of issues:

  • Being a client of Zwift for several months now, I was never contacted by Zwift owners, shareholders, top management and was never invited even for a small week or even two with a personal visit to the main headquarters of Zwift.
    This is definitely not sort of approach towards the client that I was expected when signed for Zwift services from the beginning.

  • Never received a personal call from any of Zwift representative to congratulate me with the new personal best time on Alpe du Zwift or any other route in Zwift.
    Shocking? Yes, exactly. Especially in our days, when the top of the top for any business is the Customer Service Support, Love and Caring for the business’s customers. Especially of those who make their personal best times on different routes…

  • Never received any new model of real road bike that I could use with a trainer on Zwift. Checked the post office daily, but never got any bike by the post.
    Sounds really bizarre, since Zwift could think about his client and easily send a new road bike by the post. Really something strange here and not clear and could involve even some sort of internal corruption…

  • Never received any latest model of trainer by post from Zwift.
    Now here, I don't event want to speak about it, since this even sound strange, how come Zwift never thought about it? Sound so obvious. Strange? Aha, exactly…

  • The monthly payment… This one is a real savage face of capitalism.
    When signed for Zwift for the first time I was expected for anything (well…almost…anything), but definitely not this one. For the first month I’ve checked my bank account with a clear expectation of a decent amount of money transfer from Zwift, but instead of this Zwift just took me my own money directly from my card. Real financial ferocity…no words…

  • Where are my wheels?!!! Hello? Anyone there? Allo?..
    I understand that I’ve never purchased those wheels, now…don't remember their exact name… 808 something … But, HELLO, are you there? Are you still with me? This is SO common sense, you could think about it and: 1. Add me those wheels AUTOMATICALLY to my garage - soo obvious… 2. Send me the real model of those wheels by the post (together with the real bike). And please…do not tell me that you don't have my mail address… This is soooo common sense.

  • And the WEATHER!! Come on Zwift! This one is a real disappointment.
    I remember very clear and sharp one exact day in December…, or maybe January, or Februarry…in some route, don't remember the exact name of it, but it was raining that day during at least 10 or even 11 minutes! Real madness here! No words left to describe it…

I could continue this list for at least hundred of pages, but first, do not want to depress any more my dearest friends and Zwift colleagues riders on this Zwift rainy day out there… in some route…, and secondly would like to leave it for my book for later years…

Important note:

prior of printing this page, please think about our Earth, think about trees and the green mountains of Watopia. If it is really necessary to print this page, please think about dual side-printing option. Also, you could always print only one copy and share it with your family or colleagues during a family or work meeting.

Thank you for your understanding.


when the last drop of hope left me…
*during the whole process of writing this message, here on the forum, when I’ve somehow received a feeling of a hope and maybe some enlightenment of a bright future with Zwift (apparently a false feeling and an instance of a personal weakness) a dark shadow of reality fell on me again… - I”ve tried and tried but couldn't find any option of word Underline feature on Zwift forum…Why, o why? How come that I cannot underline any worlds on the forum?! Why, o why?! *

I have no answers now but this much I can say…


or maybe


Bit of simple html code that you could have found how to do by a simple Google search.


and the code to do it.

<p><span class="bbcode-u">underline</span></p>
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No need to specify BBCode. It’s natively supported.

[u]underline text[/u] --> underline text

HTML variation that underline inserted text
<ins>underline text</ins> --> underline text

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I see what you did there :ok_hand:

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ok…thanks… and…still not clear… what about the weather??

An excellent post on this first of April. Made my day. Have an upvote.

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I would like to apologize for the message which was written yesterday's with the usage of my Zwift user.

I am really deeply sorry for that and bringing my deepest and sincere apology.

I could have said that the message was written by mistake (and the answer also) by my cat who walked back and forward on the keyboard…(this is not a secret that by randomly pressing the keyboard buttons there is a chance //…not a big one…but still exist// to press those buttons in the way that will bring words together and then the sentences into some logical text…)…, - now, I’m not under the trial or something…, at least not yet…, so once again, I could have said this about my cat, but do not want to lie and also I don’t have a cat or even a dog…

Thus, by placing my right hand to the heart I would like to say that the topic of yesterday was not written by the cat walking back and forward on the keyboard of my laptop…, no, not by the cat, but by a squirrel. Now, you see the whole puzzle falls into place - it was a squirrel.

First off all I’m leaving in a rural area with deep forest around. Second, and the most important, due to the size of the squirrel and its usual natural behavior, there are more chances for it to run back and forward on the keyboard with the less chances for mistakes - you get it now?..

So once again, I’m really sorry for the whole topic.

In order to prevent any future security breaches from my account into Zwift forum system by squirrels, or any other possible animals or even insects, I will enforce my personal security by locking my notebook from now on with at least triple-security-measures.



Haha, so funny. But seriously about weather… how come my hubby and I can ride the same course at the same time, just feet away from each other, and it’s daytime for me and night time for him?