Give these guys a break!

(Chris FIGHTMS WBR C) #1

I just want to say, and I hope others agree with me, that the employees of Zwift are doing an outstanding job of providing us with an amazing piece of global technology. Even more impressive is their ability to provide excellent customer service with what I’m sure is a very small response team.

The reason I’m saying this is that I see people complaining that there has been no response to their inquiries or “flier’s” are ruining the experience or some riders are cheating, etc. Yikes! Another one that gets brought up on a regular basis is that their OS isn’t compatible or there should be Zwift for the iPad amongst other things.

Zwift is in its infancy so let’s be a little more patient and cut these guys some slack.

Keep up the great work Zwift!



(Michael Henasey) #2

Totally agree.

I love using and promoting Zwift. I’ve tried many of the other competing products/services and I truly believe Zwift is unique and better.

That said, there are some things that are frustrating. In the overall scheme of things, they are minor. The core functionality and purpose of Zwift is solid. Without Zwift, I’m sure my winter training and prep for the upcoming racing season wouldn’t be the same.

On the few occasions that I do “complain”, I also try to offer a solution or suggestion. I’ve always felt that if all you have to say about something is purely negative with no thought towards fixing or addressing it, then keep your comments to yourself. Complaining in of itself is not constructive. Sharing ideas and suggestions are constructive. Maybe its just my way of justifying to myself that I’ve complained about something in a public forum. 

So, RideOn everyone, lets be positive and during those times that Zwift isn’t quiet working or performing as you would like, provide some suggestions on how to make it better rather than just complain :slight_smile:

(Chris FIGHTMS WBR C) #3

Well said Michael. 

(Todd Taylor) #4

I agree.  In addition, Zwift only costs $10 a month… I think that’s a screamin’ deal for making me actually want to ride my bike indoors.

(j m. (mgcc)) #5

While I do post about some issues it is more so that Zwift knows about them.

I also hear some complaining about being a paying customer etc.  While I can see their points to a degree Zwift at it’s core is trying to build something that does not really exist in the Cycling world and there will be growing pains.

Because it is only 10$ a month and you can then bail I feel that you do not have as much right to pull the I’m a paying customer.  It is not like you paid hundreds or thousands and have a bad product.  Since Beta the platform has only got better sure there have been some bumps on the way but overall it has been a steady improvement.

I have had some experiences on Zwift that would never happen, riding with Mirinda Carfrae for example.  At this is just the start.