Why no group F

I join group d events. Im dropped in the first 30 seconds and it becomes demotivating.

There should be a learner novice group. It would be gun to race along beside someone.

I will never get to 2.0 w/kg

Why am i being punished to just make up the numbers.

For one, it would require redesigning the pens. (or have multiple events per race)

Says who? No one except you is imposing that limitation.

In the interim, you can do group rides and “race” people without them necessarily even knowing it. That’s a great way to get faster and stronger. When a group overtakes you, put in a dig to try to hold on to the group and then sit in for as long as you can.

I’ve been in events where multiple categories started from a single pen, with staggered starts. Of course these were all-categories-visible events or I wouldn’t have noticed. I don’t know the limitations of that functionality but that approach might be less work than revisiting the design of every set of starting pens.

A bigger problem would be that most events don’t have enough Ds that you could split the category without damaging the racing experience. I doubt that adding a category below D would attract enough additional riders joining to justify it. You’d probably gain some, and might also lose some as people don’t like racing against two people.

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Rubberbanded group rides that keep everyone together, as long as they pedal?

You’re making a pretty big assumption that the OP has no limitations that you don’t know about. For example, age, health issues, etc, etc.

You might be right but please don’t make assumptions.

To the OP - plenty of people who race in D aren’t going to win, but if there’s a reasonably-sized field you should be able to find some other people with a similar ability to you that you can have a good old battle with.

I’m in D myself and I’ll never win a D race (unless no-one else enters) but I have fun in D in ZRL trying to battle those around me in the race.


Herd do a race that splits racers into three categories, they are run at least on Sundays, one was at 1200 GMT and another is later at 1900 GMT, details below…

It’s targeted at pen D racers, but pen C racers who meet the criteria can join (they will be excluded if too strong, just like normal Category Enforcement race sign-up).

It’s a great concept, but I wonder if more would sign up if the races were of shorter duration, which would take pen E (1.7-2.3 W/Kg) approx 30mins to finish? :thinking:

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Hi Derek, and welcome to the forums!

I understand your issue, and what frustrates me the most about it is there are events for everyone, they’re just not always labelled in the way which would make sense to newbies. For example, “E” effectively means “everyone”, rather than “below D”, and not all rides for everyone are labelled as E!

For example, have you tried riding the Tour de Zwift rides (NOT races)? You might have been put off because they’re labelled “A”, “B” and “C”, but the categories have nothing to do with ability - they’re for everyone. The “C” ride in the Tour de Zwift is the shortest route and you will find people of your pace in those rides, even if - like me - you might be in something like 300th place!

I’d be interested to know what you think of riding the Tour de Zwift?

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Banded rides are the polar opposite of races. Some people enjoy them of course but there’s no competitive element at all.

One race-ish group ride that’s good for Ds is Ascenders Spin & Sprint, a coached sprinting class by @Patrick_AsC-Primarch who is an ace ride leader

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There’s also an E pen in this event that has a lower recovery pace between sprints.
Ascenders Team Spin & Sprint Ascenders Team Spin & Sprint - The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App


I’d have expected that to mentioned in the opening post if it were the case, Steve. If not, then obviously people are going to have to make some assumptions of some sort. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Im not expected to win.

I just want to ride along.

It feels like im getting lapped in the lowest group. :sleepy:

Which races are you doing exactly, on which routes?

If you’re doing something like Crit City then it’s very easy to be lapped with such short laps, so I’d suggest not racing there if that’s what’s happening.

That may be the story in your current races but there are Pace partners to build you up.
Racing is hard.
My goal is not to win (that would be nice but it would be a Hugh insult to all the lazy Zwifters if I did.)

  1. Get a fast start and hang with front group as long as possible.
  2. After getting dropped by front group, hang with and work with 2nd group to catch further stragglers.
  3. Maybe sprint at end.
  4. Sometimes I get dropped by 2nd group.
    I then try to stay away from 3rd group but if they catch me then I try to recover and work to catch stragglers.
    If I have fallen back to 3 Rd group, it means my ITT effort was not enough and I’m too tired to think about sprinting.

Join some group rides (not races) and ride with regular people who will stay with you.

There is more than just races.

Ive only really been doing the routes. Thought i would try something different.

Clearly that was my mistake.

Seems to be a glaring mistake from zwift to not try to find a fun group for everyone.

I’m not sure what you are looking for exactly, but races are races. They are highly competitive and they go hard at the start before settling into a pace. There is never going to be a race group that just takes it easy.

However, there are plenty of group rides where you can find much better paces and group rides can be a ton of fun. Here is one example today where there is an E group that is targeting 1-1.5 w/kg: Cycle Nation Joburg Sundowner

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TFC Mad Mondays now include a “middle-end” D, with an upper zFTP limit of 2.77 W/Kg and more crucially I think, a zMAP limit of 2.31 W/Kg (standard Category Enforcement D zMAP limit is 3.2 W/Kg, what ZwiftHQ think you can do for ~6mins).


Link to “middle-end” pens tonight at 1920 ZwiftPower - Login

Link to “mad end” pens tonight at 1920 ZwiftPower - Login

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There are dozens of fun rides every day. They’re called group rides, and they’re available either at a variety of advertised paces or as open events where, if you pedal at, say, 1.5wkg you’ll naturally join up with others who are doing similar numbers.

Or you could join one of several Robopacers 24/7. Taylor if you want to chill, Miguel if you want to get a sweat on, or Bernie somewhere in the middle.

There are a few races where Cat D is split, and I can see that you’ve been pointed towards them by others in this thread. There’s a lot of positivity being sent your way in this thread: embrace it! :+1:


This is the kind of workout results to expect on my Training Group Ride on Tuesdays designed for Ds intending to race. We also have the less pacy E ride to get you going easier.

Come join me and our friends.