Group rides are to fast

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I am new to Zwift. and starts the academy. did my ramp test with a 1.7 w/ kg . So I’m working on it. But joined my first group ride in the D category. So I hoped I could keep up with that pack. I was lapped by the end of the group ride. most guys had been pushing well over the 2.3 or 2.4 mostly in the 3 to 3 + range including the leader. don’t know if that is common and kind of sucks that I couldn’t keep up. but if that is how most group rides are I can see how most people decide not to join them as I did see a bunch of people just leave the ride after a few.

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this topic is more for Racing, and it seem like you are talking about a group ride. Group rides does not have different starting categories. but you are correct a D group ride should be at lower watts, but different D group rides has different w/kg ranges.

Looking at the ride on Zwift power, it look like the ride leader was within the w/kg range

I would suggest finding rides that have lower w/kg requirements, to build up your power while having fun.

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I’d suggest using the companion app and looking for very large group rides with cat ‘E’ (everyone) or just D. Some of these have 100s of people of all abilities. Join one of these, the bigger the better. At the moment, the biggest ones are usually the Zwift Academy rides.

Many people will be fast and fly off but usually 10s of small pelotons form very quickly with the full range of abilities. In the larger rides there really is a peloton for everyone, you’ll soon naturally fall into a smaller (10-20+ people) peloton of similar ability people.

These are usually really fun as pelotons often catch and split, and you’re group may try to keep ahead of chasing groups, or catch the next one if it’s small and over-worked.

Alternatively, try a group workout. These are structured like a solo workout, but everyone is ‘stuck’ together regardless of power output (kind of artificial, but gives a good group feel).

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Hi Gerrie,

If you’re joining a race then people do go mega flat out at the start.

In group rides you find that some ride leaders are more precise than others at keeping to the stated pace. Experiment with different groups, in my case I lead a ride and I apply the newly published ride fence, this keeps everyone to within a specified time from the leader. I then hold the ride to the agreed effort level. Have a look around and try different groups. There are some great ride leaders out there, don’t be put off by a few who ride a different way.


Hit up the Zwifthacks events page for an easier viewing of the Zwift events (same info as companion app, just better tools for searching/viewing).

Note the advertised target is an average of the event, not a hard speed limit as such, so you will always get people doing say 30-50% higher on hills, for example. And its really important to hang-on to a group as the bigger groups create more draft. Once you are dropped, its hard to get back unless the group ride has active sweepers.


Some of the group rides stay at the advertised pace better than others.

Some I’ve found are:

  • Herd
  • PACK
  • RO4H
  • TeamZF, and
  • ZER.

A good way to find the rides you want is at . Click on the “group details” button on the right:


Thanks super helpful. Going in at it the first time it can be hard to figure out. Thankful for YouTube videos. But learning all the time thanks for all the tips


1000% agree on this - i’m not getting any younger and i’m not getting much stronger. 8/10 rides i go in - i’m way over my head - i’m pretty much at the back and very very often end up riding alone because everyone else seems to be 21 year old and riding an ebike. Don’t get me wrong - i couldn’t give a flying fark about winning anything but i just want to ride with others…

Zwift is getting kinda expensive and i’m looking at cheaper options only because i want to enjoy riding in a group ride - but i always end up being the lone ranger doing the time trial. I do want to push myself but i also have to be cautious (age 56) and can’t risk going gang busters. I hope zwift comes up with something fast…FYI my FTP is 200watts.