Why isn’t the Stage SB20 Trainer Bike Zwift Certified?

I’ve been going back and forth with the Zwift support people but don’t seem to get a “direct” answer. I’m looking at purchasing the Stages SB20 and I have asked "what is it about this bike that it is not given the “Zwift Certified” orange label in the supported indoor bikes section. I’ve attached screen shots showing that the Stages doesn’t have the label but the Neo and Kicker do…

Does anyone know or have an idea why it’s not certified? Is it power accuracy, lack of testing to date…?

Appreciate any further insight or thoughts you can provide!

If you put what you’re looking for in the subject heading, you’ll be way more likely to get replies to this question. Something like this: “Why isn’t the Stage SB20 Trainer Bike Zwift Certified?” The only reason I clicked on this is because I happen to have just gotten a Wahoo bike. You aren’t going to get much response with such a generic title.

Thanks! I’ll see if I can edit or close and start another…

I don’t know why it isn’t listed, but it certainly works with Zwift. Maybe this review will help you?

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Definitely does give some good insight (Thanks a ton!) but I didn’t see anything that “stood out” that would prevent the bike being “Zwift Certified”

Maybe Stages needs to offer up some cash for Zwift to list it :slight_smile:

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