Why is everyone passing me?

I’m using a wahoo kickr with the kickr climb. When I look off to the side at my name and the people passing me names, we are putting out the same watts or I’m putting out more than they are on flat surface (around 1.2 for people passing and I’m usually around 1.4). I’m just wondering why they are flying by and I’m pretty much sitting still.
I even rode with my parents earlier this evening and they both ran off and left me when I was putting out 2.7 and they were putting out 1.3-1.6.
Any suggestions on how to fix this problem is greatly appreciated!

What bike are you using?

Also what raw watts are you doing?

Check that your weight hasn’t been incorrectly entered to be 8000kg or something crazy like that. I remember there was a glitch where weights were going in incorrectly.

Are the other riders going past you in workout mode?

Which bike are you riding in the game?

Raw watts roughly around 140.
Weight is in correctly.
I’m not sure how to tell if someone is in workout mode or not so maybe? But that’s a lot of people in workout mode at 1 time.

Using the TT road bike

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There is no draft on the TT bike, so that might be part of the issue. You might try a regular road bike to see if that helps.

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I will definitely try it out! Thank you

You don’t know the watts other riders are putting out. On flat terrain watts per kilogram doesn’t predict their speed relative to yours unless your weight is the same. Avatars look bigger for heavier riders, so you can guess what’s going on when a bigger rider passes you at lower watts per kilogram but that’s pretty imprecise. On climbs, watts per kilogram wins.

You can always use the companion app to see the watts they are doing, then simple mathematics between that and the watts/kg they are doing will tell you weight.

TT bike is usually quicker on flat courses but not if a group of riders is pushing, unless you have steering and can steer yourself right to the middle of the road and they will miss out on your draft. :wink: