Why is ERG mode only available in workout mode?

Curious why ERG mode is only available in Workout mode?

I’m just starting to to get back on trainer after having a cold for ages.  Not ready to start structured workouts but during today’s ride I was feeling OK and thought it would be good to do some spontaneous ERG mode intervals.  It would have been nice to turn on EGG mode, dial in a Wattage and do a few intervals but this wasn’t an option.  Why isn’t ERG mode available during a standard rides?




Hit the back arrow and there is a toggle for ERG. Not sure what it does. You can hit E and then select an easy workout to use also.

if i want to use erg mode without a a workout i just use my head unit (wahoo element) or the wahoo fitness app, then i just pair the trainer as a power source, and un-pair it as a controllable trainer.