Why is Coco blue?

Surely any color other than blue would be better, she is hard to spot on the mini map as every rider is a blue dot.

Maybe she needs cheering up?

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All the pace partners need to be easier to find in a lrage peloton, but Coco is the worst for sure.

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She’s Blue because she is a Cat C rider.


I rode with coco yesterday, in a big bunch she was very hard to find, often no idea whether she was in front or behind. Even more difficult as when you join you don’t even know what w/kg she is doing.
The mini map shows her but my eye sight is not that good, the companion app doesnt

It would be very useful on pace and group rides if the leader/pacer were always ( top of list?) shown on the “zwifters nearly” list with a + or - time difference to oneself.


I find it strange that so many can’t find CoCo, when she shows up with a special badge in the riders list, a blue color in the riders list, and that same badge as her icon in the mini map. I have yet to find it hard to find out if she is ahead or behind me when not in my line of site in front of me. With that said, something like the chevron the leaders and sweeps have in group rides would be nice, but since those typically only have to render for those in the group rides, that may be difficult for Zwift to engineer when busy peak season hits with 15,000 people Zwifting in Watopia. Just throwing my 2 cents into the convo.