C. Cadence Color

Hard to track C. Cadence for pacing this morning with 100+ riders dropping Ride-Ons. The beacon gets lost pretty quick.

Yes, blue is not the right color for a pace bot, hard to see with all the ride on’s

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I keep thinking she should have been named Invisible Iris


yes …
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

It would be nice if the Pacer Bots showed up better on the mini map and/or the leaders beacon would be visible from 1 mile or so.
Sometimes when I’m on Titans Grove, I can see Coco’s leader beacon down on the desert flats but not always.
I like to warm up and when I see the desired bot approach, I do a U turn and join the group.

If there are a lot of riders around, the beacon does not show up.