Why does running make you dizzy?

I’ve have a problem! When running, do any of you guys get dizzy? I haven’t been running for all COVID and I just started today… only a 3 mile run…! Is it just because I haven’t been running? Or is it just a problem for other people too? (I’m not really one to know about the human body lol)



If you’re talking treadmill running as opposed to outside then it’s not uncommon.
My wife is a dizzy as anything after being on the treadmill. Like you over a 5k distance which is a run/walk pace.
I guess it’s some form of motion type sickness thing.

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Dehydration can cause dizziness. I’ve not tried zwift running yet, although I ran treadmill a bunch pre-Covid pre-Zwift (for me). I wonder if having the avatar run thru turns while one needs to run straight to stay on the treadmill can cause disorientation. On a bike trainer (or rowing machine), there’s no active steering, while when running, there is: you need to actively run straight ahead.


I wonder if the virtual-ness of Zwift plays a part? I felt light headed cycling (fist time) which went away when I looked down for a while & not at the tv. The virtual motion of scenery going past + cornering?

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Yeah thanks! I do get motion sickness sometimes so I guess that’s the problem

I usually don’t drink water before a run because I always get side cramps. Some people say they can eat a full meal wait 15 mins, then go for a 3 mile run. I’m not seeing it lol.