Why can't i mash while using a kickr as the power source?

I almost always use my Stages power meter as my power source when I use Zwift. Last night I decided to use my Wahoo Kickr for my power source during my ride. While I was using my Kickr I noticed it didn’t really seam to matter what gear I was in since the Kickr adjusted for the gear. I could push quite hard and the wattage would go up for a very short time and then the Kickr would force me to pedal at a faster rate with a lower wattage. The only time I could notice a difference in effort was while climbing. I am not a spinner and I like to use the big gears to bring the watts up when I ride. This doesn’t seem possible while using the Wahoo Kickr. Am I missing something?

Were you somehow stuck in erg mode, by chance?

Or in workout mode?

Nigel and Gerrie - The Kickr was not in erg. I restarted the Zwift program 2 times and finally on the 3rd time just decided to ride. I would like to be able to use the gears on my bike to increase resistance. I know the Kickr will add resistance on hills. I like to mash and push bigger gears at a slower cadence. It looks like this doesn’t work when using the Kickr as the power source. Thanks for the help Nigel and Gerrie.

That really sound like erg mode…strange.

did you connect the kicker as power source and as controllable FE-c?

Gerrie - yes the kickr was both the power source and the controllable when I was having problems. They were both connected to my apple tv through bluetooth I believe.

I run the zwift program on my ipad and then connect through the apple tv.

Strange behavior. It sounds exactly like what overs have said - ERG or workout mode. I have a Kickr Core and it works exactly like you want it to work as long as I’m not in ERG or workout mode.

I agree it certainly feels like it is in ERG mode. I sign in and then choose a route to ride. I don’t think you can set ERG mode when you are riding a regular route. On my last ride I stopped during the ride to check the settings menu. I could not find anything related to ERG mode while I was there. Is there anyway to check and make sure ERG mode is turned off while you are riding??

Thanks for the help.

I’m a newb but I just found a support item that shows you can turn erg mode on or off during a ride (in the icon menu at the middle bottom of the screen). I have similar behaviour to what you describe on my Kickr Core so next ride will check out this erg on/off option.

Hi, did your solution solve the problem?