Why are times showing as PDT?

Hello. I jumped on what I thought was a 2pm Markuri challenge ride only to find I was registered at 5pm. I’m in Toronto Ontario. Why is Zwift showing me PDT? My computer clock is set to EST.

Haven’t seen, and not having, this issue. So I’m guessing it is something in the setup of your local system, especially as it has not been widely reported.

Where are you looking? On the zwift.com events web page, the Companion app, or the home screen of the game app?

Any chance you can screenshot it for us and drop it in your reply? That helps a lot.

This was on Zwift.com events. But what I discovered is this person’s computer I’m borrowing was set on PST even though I adjusted to clock to EST. I didn’t realize there was another setting that also had to be adjusted. So missed my ride today but at least I know.

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Thanks for looping back and letting us know! Mystery solved, at least!

Usually - these discrepancies are due to the OS’s system clock not being set to the right time zone. True for both the Companion app and the Zwift game app, as well as zwift.com web pages (including this forum).