Wrong Time Zones?

Does anyone know whether running event time zones are always displayed in your home time zone? I flew across the US today, and while my iPhone time has changed to reflect the correct local time, it looks as if the Zwift events time zones are still in my home time.

There appear to be previous posts on this topics in which the reply from the Zwift person suggests this shouldn’t happen - the event times should adjust as you change the time on your phone or computer - but it seems that this isn’t the case in reality.

Just hoping not to wake up this week really early to participate in an event and find I have the wrong time! Thanks.

Hi @S_Armbruster
Great question! Technically, the server stores all your in-game activity in UTC when you finish a session and log out of the game app. The next time you log in, we check the time zone on the computer / mobile device that’s running the game app and shift time zones if that’s changed.

If you log out in one time zone, travel to a new time zone and look at the Zwift Companion app, you’ll still see times from your home time zone. I suspect this is what’s happening for you, is that right?

The next time you log into the game app (not Zwift Companion), it’ll correct all your times to the new timezone provided that your laptop / tablet / smartphone running the game app has adjusted to local time.

Would you loop back and let us know that it all worked out when you fire up your next running session?

Thank you for the quick response! And yes, what you describe is exactly my situation. I opened the game app and then went back to Zwift Companion, and all of the events are now shown in the correct local time. Problem solved!

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Great! Thanks for looping back to let everyone know you’re good to go.

Ride On!