Time of Day Not Consistent Between Two Machines

I’ve found that the time of day in the game is not consistent between two machines running side by side.

I have two laptops, each has the same time. I logged into Zwift and started watching at the same time. However, as I watch the same rider, the time of day between the two machines is different. Essentially one is night and the other is day.

Why is this?

Shouldn’t the time of the day be consistent with everyone who’s online?


Hi Michael, 

This is controlled by the G-Master our Zwift “GOD” :slight_smile: not by your local time or PC time. We’ve been doing some testing and had to remove the G-Master and AIs in order to do so. But he should be back soon, so keep calm and Ride On! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply.

Any update on this time of day sync issue?   Its weird to ride side by side with friends and have the day/night discrepancy between machines.   why not just sync to local computer time?