Day/Night Environment view while Zwifting

So this one is interesting:

My girlfriend and I Zwift at the same time, together while on separate monitors/accounts. We’ve noticed inconsistencies in the environment while riding. Sometimes my environment is painted in a “night time” schema while she’s riding in daylight schema - while viewing our monitors separately.

Any thoughts on this?

From another thread:


Thanks Paul but does not address the issue that we are experiencing two different environmentall parameters while cycling together - she’s in day and I’m in night while riding simultaneously. Might need the server to keep the environment sync constance vs timed based on user login clock?

It is not synced across all riders. I believe the time runs based on when you start your ride and might even start at night or day randomly. I am sure as Zwift mature it will work this issue out. 

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> Hi Jerry.  Night lasts about 12 minutes, day lasts about 20-25 minutes, so a full cycle takes 30-40 minutes.

In the next update we’ve also made nighttime a bit brighter to make it much easier to see things.


It would be nice to be able to customise that. Personally I would have daytime set to be 30 minutes, then nighttime set to 5 minutes but properly dark, e.g. you can only see what your bike like shows unless it’s illuminated by street lights.

My point is and has been that I think the environment should be the same for everybody that is riding on a specific server. There may be multiple servers and that’s not possible.  I highlighted the fact that when my girlfriend and I are on Swift at the same time we don’t experience the same environment (i see day, she sees night and visa versa) even though we’re on the same ride at the same time riding side by side.  She sees one thing on her monitor and I see another.  It would be great to sync the environments so everyone on ‘that’ ride as well as her and i SEE the same thing.

Not a big deal but we have also noticed that variations in cycling positions between the two monitors - might be the system “painting” the monitors at separate rates.

I’ve noticed the same thing as G. Brooksie.

In addition to the time of day variance, my girlfriend’s jersey has been different on her screen and mine.

Of course, these visuals are not a big deal, but having the environments synced (especially when you’ve chosen to ride with another) would be a nice touch. 

So I believe, based on lack of response from technical team, that the environmental parameters are a product of the server you land on when you join the game.  From within the environment you land, they can control the timing on day/night.  However, because you land on separate servers (I’m guessing here with some IT insight) they are not able to coordinate your environment with that of your partners.

Another interesting artifact occurred the other day with me and my girlfriend: I logged into my account - after syncing our sensors - I jumped on ahead of my girlfriend into the ride.  She joined selecting me from the listing of available rides and proceeded to speed up.  However, along the way, the environment separated us involuntarily. I turned around but was not able to ride with her/turn in her direction.  My sense - again - server separation.  Just a guess!

We still love it but the nuisance artifacts are frustrating.