Why am I a B cat rider?

You might also get some ideas from this thread…

What does your profile have for 30 and 40-minute timeframes?

20 min 3.64 wkg , is not close to C numbers. Why are you asking why with a 3.64 for 20 min.


Look back at your races on the dates where you set the PRs. Back end of September. If you think those performances aren’t legit (eg power meter miscalibrated and reading over by 20%, say) then I guess you could ask Zwift is they can set them aside :man_shrugging:t2:


On that note, those late September efforts will all expire in about a week anyway. But of course we have no idea what newer/lesser efforts are waiting to replace those and if substantially different.


Those PRs will also expire in a few days so you could do nothing and see what happens at 90 days post-PR.

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If the OP reports back when those efforts age out it would be very interesting. :+1:

like others said, give it a week. the efforts that define your category expire every 90 days, unless a new PR is set. doesn’t sound like you’re about to do that, so those will expire in a week. no idea what cat you will end up in, or what cat you belong in, but if it’s how you say it is then i think you’ll be in C again

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Maybe it’s just me (and I think it is) but I would love to have the problem you are having

I’m mid to low cat D and look forward to the day I earn my way into C… It’s going to be a long time and I can’t say that I can even see the light at the end of the D tunnel :wink:

I happen to be close to your age and I think you should be proud and happy of your accomplishments and congratulations on your B promotion

But that’s the way I see it …

Ride on!


I totally understand how you feel. I never raced in any category other than B, never came close to touching a podium, and I risk being dropped every single race I enter. I’m not even close to bottom of the cat anymore, but the categories are so wide that the people at the top are still just that much stronger.

But, it does look like the power you were putting out in September was higher than your recent races, so hopefully when those drop out you get a category adjustment.

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Another Chau emerges

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… and vanishes :blush:

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Who is this guy and why does he troll? Nothing better to do?

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Probably. Or maybe creating an account is faster than login with the old one.

A very strange individual that is trying to find every way possible to cheat and sandbag etc


I watched a race where a Tom Snarky was being disruptive by pace as well as by posting comments.
It was assumed this individual was William Chau.
He did make an interesting comment.
He stated"if I’m here, then it’s not really a ban, is it?
Is he a rider, or group of riders, trying to get Zwift to actually do something about cheating by going so over the top?

What this approach fails to understand is integrity is an INDIVIDUAL and PERSONAL TRAIT.
It is not, and can not be coded into the program.

i would bet a small, but appreciable amount of money on that being exactly the point. i have no sway or skin in the game but i think zwift and william could save themselves and everyone else a headache by doing 1 of 2 things

1: talking to the dude. he probably actually has something to say, to the right person
2: introducing some sort of automatic measure to catch, at least, the most basic stuff. the wonderful people at wtrl have managed to do it to some effect, i’d like to think that development was done with the backing of zwift as some kind of prototype of some official future roll out, it doesnt sound like it, but i’d like to think it

I totally see your point but literally every b race I enter I lose contact with the group after a minute or so and then I’m on my own. Every time.

That suggests you need a thorough warmup and to fully commit to the start.

Your numbers should be plenty good enough to keep you in touch for the first couple of minutes.

Maybe try some HoloReplay hill repeats on Titans Grove KOM Reverse if you want to work on your 2 to 3 minute power.

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If you’re into structured training, one thing you can consider trying is the hard start VO2max interval design. Here’s one workout I did with erg off. Basically it’s as hard as you can for 45-60 seconds, then taper off to about regular VO2max interval power.

For the first interval, I had the power target set to 118% FTP just so the screen would flash a warning if I dipped too low. For the first interval, I held more than my 5 minute max power for the first minute. For subsequent intervals, that start was not as hard.

The idea is to deplete anaerobic capacity and force your aerobic power system to get to maximum power quickly. However, it will also replicate the effort pattern of a Zwift race start. Maybe this will help you.

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