Why am I a B cat rider?

This is really good advice thank you.

Because your race craft might not be up to scratch. Your stats are much better than mine but I finish at the pointy end of cat B races!


On a w/kg basis yes, but your 5min power (at least on zp) is 73W more than Nick’s (300W vs. 373W), and on flat courses (where most races start) that’s going to be more important than matching w/kg for not getting dropped and sticking with the pointy end through the start, so I think in this case there’s more than just racecraft at play.

If the race was strictly a hill then I would think you’d be more evenly matched with Nick.

if that isn’t photoshopped then i’m pretty impressed

There’s something up with that, vo2 is the one that stands out.

Changing weight on an account by any chance?

Edit - Hi William, probably stop helping the NTS boys in those races just in case they take a ban for you…


Hello Chau

Still cheating then… Absolute pathetic


Go away Chau


This was my experience as I moved into cat B. And it still happens in some races. What I did was really sort through the race schedule to find races that had lower race rankings (you can find those in Zwift Power). I think that the race ranking is an aggregate of the strength of the riders signed up in that race. There is a huge different between a race ranking of around a 100 (which will be hard) and 200 which will be more reasonable. It doesn’t capture later rider registration, but you can certainly find races that are not as hard as others. The other thing is to look for smaller races. When there are fewer riders it it less likely that the race will blow apart early on. I find that 10-12 riders is a good number to keep the pace at a reasonable level. Good luck - I feel your frustration.

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