Whoa can’t contact Zwift servers

Just installed BT mesh to get better wi fi in my garage. Got good Wi-Fi but can’t get on through my apple 4k all I get is can’t connect to Zwift servers please can you help me

Can you connect to Zwift from another device in the same location as your ATV? E.g. on your phone, if you go into airplane mode and then out of airplane mode in that location (so that it connects via the same mesh node as your ATV).

It sounds like routing/port problem within your mesh network.

Mine did that too. I’m using an ATV 4k 2021 using the ethernet port. It kept saying it couldn’t connect to the server. I had to reboot the ATV and it worked second time around.

Hi Rob, thanks for your helpful comment.
How do you reboot ATV? is it in settings reset or restart?
Sorry im not very technical

Hi Steve Thanks for your help. I can get wifi on my phone ok in the garage on mesh so it seems its just the ATV .

It was just a restart.