Who gave me a Ride On>

I know during a workout or ride that you see a name flash up on the top bar area of someone who gave you a ride on or the orange thumb alongside their name on the RHS list.

Should I be distracted, head down working hard or generally not paying attention…is there some way DURING the ride to see who has given me a Ride On so that I can return the favour before you end?

I am using the Zwift Companion App and MacBook Pro.

I don’t think there is a way. I know that you can see who gave you ride ons after the ride if you click on the ride on symbol on your ride through companion.

Thanks Oliver. Yes I have seen that and have used it. It seems like people give me a ride on some after I have given them one…it could of course be random, but it does seem like they know I have given them one a while ago. Oh well…

Especially, when you are using the new function zwifting without HUD to enjoy the whole view, it is hard to give re-ride ons. Unfortunately, also companion app is not showing, who is sending you a ride on. Perhaps, that would be a nice new function for an update in companion app.
Then, it really has an added value to zwift without HUD and using companion app in parallel.

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