Which is the better wheelset? Zipp 202 or ENVE SES 3.4

Hi. I am fairly new to Zwift, currently Level 9 with about 350k drop points.

I’ve been through the Drop Shop wanting to spend my hard earned drop points but the star system is a bit confusing to me. I currently have ZIPP 202 wheels which is 3 Star for Aero and 4 Star for Weight.

There’s an article in Zwift Insider which said the ENVE SES 3.4 are the best wheelset to get at my level. The ENVE also has 3 Star for Aero and 4 Star for Weight.

Now… Should I just keep my ZIPPs or should I splurge on the ENVE which is about 191k drop points?

Thank you!

Hi @andrew.typ

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best place to look:

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A better place to look:


TQ guys… will check out the articles.

And if you haven’t read this one yet, here is a great article on what to buy as you progress up to level 30 (and beyond):

This month, be sure to complete one of the Olympic Series rides to unlock the Bridgestone RS9s, so that you don’t have to spend Drops on a climbing frame.

You have to be level 15 to buy it in the Drop Shop, but maybe you can unlock it earlier through the Olympic Series. I don’t know.

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The differences between any of the higher end wheels and frames is probably smaller than what you’d experience in day to day individual performance. When 15 seconds over a 20 mile flat TT course or 30 seconds on The Alpe is important, you’ll have figured out which one is best for you.

Obviously, riding the Zwift MTB when you should be riding a TT bike is a non-starter but the difference between the Zipp 202 and the Enve 3.4’s is pretty small.


Oh yes, Jim… already gotten the Bridgestone RS9s. I joined an Olympic workout. At the end of it, unlocked the bike. Tks.

TQ for the feedback, Mark. Appreciate it. Realise now the difference is minimal at the kind of riding I’m doing, since I’m just starting out. lol… Used to ride long distance regularly but due to ankle injury have laid off cycling for about 2 years now. Just getting back into it, and now with the pandemic, outdoor riding is a luxury in my country. Tks again. Take care and stay safe!

This is my favorite ZI page on equipment. What’s best depends on the terrain, so there’s always a tradeoff, but the best equipment will always be on the “southwest” boundary of the scatter plot:

The SES3.4s are on that boundary, while the 202s are not. So 3.4s are my choice for pure climbing wheels. Then depending on level, 808s are a solid choice for aero, and DTSuisse for mixed terrain w/ a lot of climbing (but still some aero).

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TQ Daniel. Appreciate the link. Will check it out.

Be sure to check out this link as well:

Enve 3.4 definitely better than Zipp 202.

If you can ride up Alpe du Zwift enough times you may win the Lightweight Meilenstein wheels which are very light but have very poor aero performance.

Might not reflect real life, although I don’t have the money to buy those IRL to see how aero they are for real. :wink:

I cannot remember the cost or unlock level, but the Zipp 353 is also quite good.

DT Swiss is a good all purpose wheel too.