Which cassette do I need?


I‘ve got a road bike with a 12-speed 11-34 shimano 105 cassette. Is the standard 12-speed 11-30t (that comes with the zwift hub) fine for my bike or do I have to install a 12 11-34 cassette?
Thanks in advance;)

You should be fine. Your current cassette, a 12sp 11-34, has the following cogs, right? 11-12-13-14-15-17-19-21-24-27-30-34T

The 12sp 11-30 should have these: 11-12-13-14-15-16-17-19-21-24-27-30

So you’re already running from 11 to 30 as-is (just with one more step available). Your current drivetrain would work if you never shifted into the 34, so it’ll work here. :slight_smile:

You’ll lose those 4 teeth in your granny gear, but it’ll work okay.


have you seen the zwift hub one with the cog?

comes with 24 Virtual gears and allow any speed bike to be used.

Shhhhhh. Older is always better :slight_smile:

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