Which bike for Zwift will u recommend

I need your advice for a bike to put on a smart trainer like wahoo kickr 2018 or others.

So which bike (cheapest) that I will never use for outdoor session will you recommend foor indoor .
One thing is must, a shimano 105 R7000 set.

Ty in advance for your advice.

I think you’ve answered for yourself.

Get whichever is the cheapest bike with the groupset you want. If you’re only using it on the trainer, things like frame material or weight won’t make any difference.

e.g. I googled “cheapest bike with shimano 105 R7000” and it suggested this one for £725:


Looks like there are a few around £1000 too.

Obviously, depends where you live. =)

I would probably buy something cheap secondhand or something new with cosmetic damage off ebay?
If I was determined to get the 105 R7000 groupset (why are you after that one?) then I might buy the groupset and put it on any old cheap bike.

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I would go for the stiffest bike possible. For me it would be a toss up between a Caad “X” and the Allez Sprint.