Where’s all the data?

During all the workouts, Zwift keeps talking about things like “we will learn a lot about x” or “this will tell us a lot about y”.

Where is all of this data? Is there a report or something we can access? Where does all this data go?


You can look at data on Strava if uploaded there. Easy to see the power and heart rate data for example.

At a guess, Zwift may use their “learnings” to produce a list of the top 50 riders, but I doubt if there is going to be any analysis beyond that.

You can see power and heart rate and cadence etc from Zwift companion.

I am talking about all the other stuff they talk about - like lactate recovery etc


The abilities chart on Today’s Plan gives some more information.

Sorry - where is that found?

It is all part of the ZA offer, you get a free account with Today’s Plan.
Create an account with TP and link Zwift to it.


Last year the power curve on today’s plan showed how you compared to others in the academy. Can’t find it this time. Is it there?

I see it in the ‘Dashboard’ view on Today’s plan website in a PC (not sure it’s there on the mobile version of the site)

Here’s a helpful article by Todays plan answering some questions from the community, including how to connect your Zwift account to the site if you haven’t already done so: https://www.todaysplan.com.au/2020/10/zwift-academy-road-and-todays-plan-your-questions-answered/?fbclid=IwAR37IcJJ5qLycmucncUGrC0Zzz3lENNiOz8XA1lYR8BbxNdT9qd5JtD8ipM

Please join our Facebook group as a lot of your questions are answered here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/zwiftacademymen