Where have all the Sunday morning group rides gone?

LEQP, 3R, Vikings Valhalla… All the group rides have disappeared from events. Do they still run??

don’t know for sure, but I was thinking the pace partner rides have had an impact on group rides - there does seem to be fewer of them some days

The LEQP badge hunter and 3r group rides were huge before…

What timezone are you Tim? I can see the LEQP badge hunter, the 3R and Vikings group rides (all around around the 100k distance) in Zwifthacks. They are 8:30’- 9pm’ish NZT. I cant see the 3r ride in Companion App.

Here’s the filtered view of those Events

The 3R one can be joined via Zwifthacks’ link to the Zwift website.

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HI Dean, thank you. Like the muppet that I am, I’ve just realised that I have filters on!!! I’ve never done that before. Duh.

Apologies for being an idiot!

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haha …I had wondered but then I thought “no, Tim’s been around a bit …”.

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Being around a bit means nothing with me!!! Haha. Thanks for helping :slightly_smiling_face:

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