When can i ride

Hi there
Is there a kind of group rides you can join anytime of the day on zwift if so whats are they called. Or can you only join a ride at a set time

Hi @Steven_Robinson1

Group rides is at set times and there are many of them.

If you just want to ride with some people in a group then ride with the pace partners.


Another option, if you have some friends on Zwift, is to create a Meetup. That lets you pick any world and any course, but you’ll have specifically invite followers to it.


Hi Steven

Yes there are group rides all the time listed in “Events” via the Zwift Companion app or on the Zwift website.

But easiest way to view them is via Zwifthacks.com 3rd party website.

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Hi Steven,

There is also the possibility to riding with the pace partners (Watopia only) but often there is a bunch around them and you can earn extra drops if you keep with them for a while.