When do the Jersey's change?

I’ve noticed each time that I got on, the KOM and Green Jersey times have changed (gotten slower than the last time that I was on). When do the times reset? Thanks!

When you log out/in, I think?

Yes, Mark is correct I think. It seems the jersey times are set by whomever is riding when you login. At present, if a jersey holder logs off, that time stays resident throughout your ride…the developers have already said they will change it soon so that when a jersey holder logs off, the jersey is up for grabs.

Hmmmm. If that were true, then different users would see different people wearing the Polka Dot jersey (for instance). If, for instance, Rider A had the jersey when I log in at 0800. At 0805, Rider A logs off and at 0806, Rider B logs on. I would see that Rider A still has the jersey. Rider B would see someone else wearing the jersey since Rider A was already offline when Rider B logged on.

Yes. Thus sometimes the current KOM time you see is ~85 seconds, and sometimes set by an AI rider.