Wheelchair running ParaSport

I have tried to place my wheelchair on two ROTO Mini Rollers, and active my garmin speed sensor.
But I can not make it work, is it because that speed sensor only works in the bike program?
I handbike ride a lot in zwift and am happy with the program, but would also like to be able to experience my wheelchair exercise at home with zwift.
But is the other equipment needed?
We disabled people equate our wheelchair with your running shoes.
So it could be cool if we could be with you guys.
Cycling with a wheelchair-mounted bicycle is welcome for many running events. So maybe it would be a ParaSport initiative you should think about in the runneing program.
Think of a solution. we are many ParaSport users who would love to be able to join.

If you are talking racing chair Top End makes a roller for it. I imagine you would nees spoke wheels to attach a speed sensor and have a ant+ dongle for your computer but it should work. As of now Zwift is not very friendly for parasports.

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I was thinking about this too. Almost every sporting event, including mountain bike races I’ve attended IN THE 90s, had folks racing in wheelchairs. ZWIFT needs to do better here. Good luck!