Zwift Set up for Paraplegic on a Budget

Hi all,

Hoping this community might have some bright ideas to help out with a project I am currently working on.

Bit of back story:
I am a physiotherapist working in a residential aged care facility. One of the residents I see previously was a mad cyclist that unfortunately had an accident resulting in paraplegia.

I am super keen to try and get him set up on zwift with a ‘hand cycle’ set up, ideally this would be something that could be driven up to in an electric wheelchair (mounted to a desk / tabletop) and not require a transfer into (like a trike or recumbent bike set up).

Feel free to throw any ideas in the ring. It does not have to be a serious set up, just something that would allow him to ride his favourite cycling routes in game - a simple speed / cadence sensor set up would be ideal.

Thank heaps in advance.

This could be challenging, but I think there are others who may have figured it out, but a simple search through the forums comes up with this request, I couldn’t see any solutions, but you may start there. (Search is the magnifying glass on top right)

Zwift works off one of two inputs 1.Power meter (from trainer or a separate power meter) 2. “Virtual” Power" which is speed of the drive wheel on a trainer that has a power curve Zwift uses with wheel diameter to translate speed to power. (We’ll call that VPower) Bottom line is Zwift works off power only.

If they just want the experience, a speed sensor could be used with a trainer profile. Zwift translates the sensor feed into VPower, which it uses to move the avatar. I don’t know if there would be a “sweet spot” with the existing trainer profiles Zwift has though. They may be flagged for too high of VPower, or barely move for not having enough VPower.

You may need to experiment with “wheel diameter” to get to that sweet spot. I don’t know if Zwift has a low limit for diameter, but I’d start with the diameter of the chainring initially to see which way to go.

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Hi @Luke_Popovic - I haven’t read through all of the below thread but may be of interest. Seems to be a few experienced people have participated so they may be around and can provide pointers.