Wheel on trainer was artificially inflating my power

Interesting question here.

It would appear that my wheel-on trainer was, at some point, artificially inflating my power numbers. My FTP had worked its way up to 280 and I was a competitive B rider. Lately though, my numbers have been dropping considerably and now that I’m on a direct drive trainer, my power seems to be consistently in the 200-215 range. I just did an FTP test and my FTP is down to 204, which would put my FTP watts per kg down to about 2.65 w/kg which is more of a C racer than a B racer.

So with that said, if my “new” power is more in the C range, how do I get officially “downgraded” in ZwiftPower so that I’m not consistently flagged in C races as being a B racer?

Thank you.

Email zwiftpower@zwift.com with your profile link, zwiftpower id number, and new trainer date. Don’t post it here.

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Got it. Thank you !!