What's happened to Crit City?

I’m a newish rider to Zwift. The virus made me do it, but I’m glad I did.

I’m older and have never raced before, but thought I’d give it a go on Zwift and I like it. I’ve done a few of the 12 lap Crit City races and enjoy them.

I particularly like Crit City as it fits in with my time availability, but in particular because my grade (D) starts separately and is the only grade on the track. I can see clearly, including from the list of riders on the right, where I am in the ride and who is in front/ behind me and how far.

However the last 2 tries it hasn’t been a lot of fun. A week ago I joined a race and found that the camera angle was from way in front of the group. All the grades, not just mine, were on the track and the list of names on the right showed me and nobody else. I had absolutely no idea, from the camera angle, or from the non existent list of names of riders on the right who I was racing against in my grade, and gave up.

I tried again today. The camera angle was good again, but still just me in the list of names on the right, the same under “zwifters” in the app. And with all grades on the track I again had absolutely no idea where I was in the race in my grade and who I was racing against. Big groups came past me fast but whether or not anyone in my grade was in them I couldn’t tell.

Eventually with no idea who I was racing against I gave up and coasted around for the exercise.

Anyone know why it’s changed and if it will stay this way? Cheers

I did a race yesterday (Wed Aug 19, 2020) on Volcano Flat, and our race had the same ‘no rider list’ bug. It wasn’t easy to see where I was, agreed, but I tried to use the coloured dots in the mini-map to help.

As for the camera angle - that might be something you can change. There are multiple camera angles that you as a rider can choose from. If you are using a PC or Mac, and it’s near you whilst riding, the numbers 1-9 will change the camera view / angle.

Otherwise, if you are using a portable device, tap on the lower-middle of the screen, and you will see some icons. One of them should look like a video camera, with a number displayed. Tap that to change camera angles.

In your second situation, where all categories were in view - the mini map should be colour-coordinated. Red dots for Cat-A, Green (Cat-B) Blue (Cat-C) and Yellow (Cat-D) if this rider list bug lasts a while, that colour reference might help you.

I noticed the same thing on crit city today

My name alone on the rider list
All levels of riders together making for confusion as faster groups pass slower ones

I liked it much better before with truly separate classes

The “no rider list” bug has been around for perhaps years but only getting air in more recent times with the increase in people Zwifting and possibly made worst since the upgrade earlier this month . Riders nearby board empty on group rides/races