What Would you consider a Zwift O.G

I cant actually find anywhere online that states when Zwift went live to the general public but i just checked and i first rode on Zwift on 14th February 2016.
Back then it was just the original Watopia map and there were so few people on it then, the riders were mostly bots riding around, just to give it some life.

Am i an OG?

So not a lot had really changed then :wink: :rofl: :+1:


I think if you rode Jarvis you’d qualify


Ive read a posting few days ago, which says:
Before 17.05.2015 (05=May) Zwift was a closed beta and then it changed to an open beta.

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What you folks did to Jarvis … stays with Jarvis forever… :zipper_mouth_face:

My first ride was 12/24/2014. Coming up on 46000 miles.

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Fair play

My first ride was jan 6 2017.
I’m now level 54.

I never rode Jarvis and never saw the old blue robot riders.
At that time, Ocean Boulevard was new.
I think the only worlds were Watopia, Richmond and London.

I’m kind of disappointed in the new XP process.
I’m now leveling up at an elevated rate for no good reason.
I think this new process waters down the significance of levels.
20,000 XP per level is a lot but that’s what everyone had to do.
With all the double XP special events, extra XP for riding streaks and accelerated leveling just because you’re above level 50, it makes the whole idea of levels less significant.

I first started Zwift in 2017 under a different account.

I only rode the volcano and Epic KOM back then. I used to do Epic KOM in 20 minutes. :slight_smile:

Got back to Zwift in 2019 I think (or 2020) and now level 61. 60,049km and 458,302m elevation.

Unfortunately a crash last year saw the fitness levels permanently take a dive.

Agree there are still plenty of bots riding around, and not the official robopacers. :wink:

From Wikipedia:

The first virtual world, Jarvis Island, was released as an invite-only beta product on September 30, 2014.[11] The product proved unexpectedly popular, and more than 13,000 applications were received for 1,000 beta places.[12] The launch took place simultaneously in Rapha Clubhouses in London, New York City and San Francisco.[13] By May 2015, Zwift had moved into open beta.[14] A virtual version of the Richmond (Virginia) 2015 UCI Road World Championships Course was introduced on September 3, 2015.[15]

On October 30, 2015, Zwift launched as a fully fledged product with a $10 monthly subscription fee.[16]


It’s not accelerated for those only over level 50.

The new levelling system applies to everybody. Admittedly if you’re an advanced Zwifter it’ll seem quicker to you but you’ve 40 levels to go at now.

If you’re level 54 now I’m not sure you’ll be knocking on the max level door anytime soon if you’ve been at it for nigh on 7 years.

Just looked at my figures, don’t think they are bad considering I only zwift 3-4 months a year


I’ve been here since 2016, but didn’t ride Jarvis so definitely don’t i qualify, I think to be OG you needed to have ridden Jarvis.

I did ride with the blue bots when there weren’t enough “real” riders though, paid when the price was cheaper and remember a time when the gradient graph was actually useable! simpler times.

this is the first picture i can find i have of zwift from august 2016 back when i was in single digits for levels - before screenshots were a thing i think hence the photo of a TV!

Interesting - so my first ride was 4 months after public launch.
I dont remember Jarvis island though - was that was Watopia was called before it was Watopia??

No, Jarvis was an island of its own.

Jarvis Island was a different map.

Watopia was originally just the Hilly Route I believe as you can see from this video from May 2015. I guess you could call any of the people in the video an OG Zwifter. The same channel has a video of a lap of Jarvis Island.

just look at that gradient graph in all its beauty


In the context of Zwift, the term “Zwift O.G.” likely refers to a Zwift Original Gangster. The use of “O.G.” is often associated with the term “original gangster,” which traditionally referred to someone with long-standing experience, credibility, or authenticity in a particular domain.

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thanks ChatGPT


Jarvis -
Jarvis Island

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