The OG/Beta Testers/10yr club perks

I noticed that I’ve now been on Zwift for nearly 9 years! I was one of the original beta testers when the platform first opened up (remember LTD on Jarvis posting weird rides on Strava and snaring people in??). Watopia was a lot quieter with ghosts populating the Epic KoM climb as there weren’t as many people about. I’m not sure how many of us beta testers are still regularly on the platform but there must be others around!

April 2025 will make 10 years since Zwift went to public invites so can we celebrate? Can those of us who’ve had accounts since the start, came into the platform as testers or have accounts over 10 years gain a recognition? Bit like the Level Up perks, but for those of use who’ve had really old accounts or been continually on the platform for years and years and year, can we get some bling unlocks in the dropshop, loyalty discounts or some exclusives?

(I’m think being OG, full on B A Baracus style hair, gold jewelery jersey, gold ring gloves…)

OG’s should just get the :white_check_mark: next to their name

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Out of curiosity - since when they are out of beta?


May have been start of 2016. I can see my first bill payment was 31/12/2015, so I’d imagine that it was around that time it flipped from free beta-testing phase to open paid membership. I think through 2024 the founders and initial invited pro testers will be hitting 10yrs, beta-testers from April 2025 and around the start 2026 will be when more break the decade mark.

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Earliest ride I can see of mine on ZP is Wednesday 25 February 2015 - so just over 9 years.

Be nice to get some recognition :smile:

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Thanks a lot.