4 years on Zwift Today

On this day 4 years ago I did my first Zwift Ride. That was a very happy day for me, I have been following the progress from Beta but my trainer (Elite Realxiom USB) was not supported at the time, until January 2016 when @Jon played with the trainer and got it to talk to Zwift.

Since then I have spend 883 hours riding on Zwift.


My first Zwift Picture.

Happy anniversary!

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Nice and happy anniversary :smiley:

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Got ya by a little over a month:

first zwift

But you have me by time, distance and level (in biking anyways).

What a pain Beta Bluetooth was back then.

And my first photo:

Oh congrats on the anniversary.


Yes @Paul_Allen i was so jealous that my trainer was not supported.

Yes the Blue riders.

I am looking back a bit, we had two route option in Watopia back then, flat or hilly.


This was the whole of Watopia.


Congrats, Gerrie! I’ve been on Zwift just over a year (started 1/12/19) and was quickly addicted. I’m now level 45 with far more indoor miles than one should have in a year! Even in the year I’ve been on board there have been a load of changes. Not as much from the technological side as you have seen, though!


My first time was 18th Nov. 2018.
On Level 27 now.
About 5000km and 60000 climb meters says Zwift (in reality a bit more, Zwift don’t count correctly)

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I didn’t get on Zwift until I could buy a smart trainer. I did have a Tacx Sirius soft gel trainer that I bought in 2009, but I don’t think that was supported. Still isn’t as far as I know.

Anyway, in September 2015 I bought a Vortex from amazon.it - the exchange rate was favourable and it cost me the equivalent of £240, which was a decent price at the time.

My first Zwift screenshot:

Although I’ve been on Zwift since Sepember 2015, I’m only level 29. Due to various house moves, lethargy, new baby and what not, I’ve had fairly large gaps with no Zwifting.

Although I never got to ride Jarvis with the real pioneers, I was lucky enough to be there for some of the things that have helped shape Zwift into what it is. Early races pleading with people to respect the neutralised rollout and not to “go!” until the sprint banner for example. :smiley: WSR, the first RideOn for World Bicycle Relief, Jensie breaking the game and the like. :smiley:

Love seeing where Zwift is now, and I look forward to bigger and better things (and rowing).


Congratulations Gerrie.
Oh and “RIDE ON”

and on, and on, and on, and etc… :smiley:

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is there a way to find out when your first ride was? not sure when mine was - a long long time ago though

I found mine on Strava. But you can scroll down in your activity list in the companion app.Zwift power also has it in your activities.

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my first activity in the app (after a lot of scrolling!) is saying 13 June 2016 but i’m sure it was before then - i remember a time before Richmond existed (on zwift at least!) and before you could even link to strava!

over 68 days my little zwift version of myself has been pedalling around! 35,000 miles too! i need to get out more!! haha


Yes, you can. But it eventually crashes the app. :slight_smile: (I tried twice, and both times, I only got back to around March 2017 before ZCA crashed.)

No way :sob:, mine went back all the way, it took a lot of scrolling.

Android, or iOS? I have the iOS version, and it reliably crashes by the time I get back to early 2017.

Android - RULE!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Your first ride was December 16 2015 - 22km - Watopia.

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[:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Android FTW!]

Cool. Thanks! I beat @Paul_Allen by just a few days!

But, wait! I got no ride-ons in my first three rides!?! :sob:


I went back and gave you a few. Happy now. :blush:


Zwift should give you a thank you for all of the money that you’ve given them.

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Well it was free when I started.