Let's introduce ourselves!

Hi everyone!

I’m Eric, the community support manager here at Zwift. We’re extremely excited to have you as part of this incredible experience! But what’re you looking forward to with Zwift? What’s your cycling history? And, most importantly, who are you?

Let’s get the ball rolling!

Now. Here’s Reini from Austria, and I’m 46. I’ve been riding for the last 10 years or so.

Jerry Perullo. I live in Atlanta, GA USA. 38 years old father of two, amateur road racer and triathlete. I spent time with NetAthlon when I started cycling in 2010 and have used power trainers (computrainer and Kickr) since then. I’ve run most of the main pieces of software and hardware around indoor cycling and add all the telemetry I can.
I’m looking forward to more inspiration to ride daily and helping troubleshoot and improve a great product.

Kostya Poukhov, Toronto, Canada, 53 yo. Been riding for the past 4 years. Not your competitive racer but having 250W FTP possibly puts me somewhere in between of casual Joe Schmoe and the actual racers.

I’m Gary and I live in Buffalo, NY. Winters are brutal. I’ve spent hours on a CompuTrainer in the past. I just got a new Kickr and love it. I’m 61 and did my first full Ironman (Lake Placid) at age 60. I generally do several century rides when the whether is nice. Of course I swim and run a lot too. Not bad for an old fart, huh! :wink:

Hi, Ian Murray from Key West, FL, 38. Like Jerry, I am an amateur roadie and triathlete, but there’s no road racing here in KW so I’m just doing tris and running for now. Due to some crazy work hours and crazier tourist drivers, I do most of my weekday rides on my Wahoo Kickr. I’ve tried a number of other platforms, and something was always missing. I’m looking forward to providing my thoughts based on my experiences.

Hi. I am Simon. I am in the UK. I am 54, with an FTP of 287 and 3.55w/kg. I am an experienced cyclist, an occasional racer and I have a few of the big European sportives under my belt. I am training for the Schwalbe TransAlp event next June. Seven Alpine stages, back to back, with 20,000 meters of climbing.

Name is Ryan from Dallas Texas, but moving to Boulder CO. I’m the Founder of Best Bike Split, and really excited about testing this out. Tons of potential here.

David Aldrich. 41 years old. Live here in Honolulu Hawaii. Always have riding weather, but traffic and crappy roads means I ride inside a lot. Been riding for fun for about 25 years all over the world. Coming off injury so getting back into it. Looking forward to more group rides.


Sean from Australia, Melbourne, I’m 47 , a family man who loves Road cycling especially on weekends with the local group, and having a social coffee after the ride. Looking forward to watch ZWift. Cheers

I’m Michael, 45, from Tallahassee, Florida. I was a serious racer, years ago, but became fat and slow as a software developer. A few years ago, I rejoined the sport and have been on-and-off the bike during that time, sometimes training more seriously than not. Over the past year, I’m down 40 pounds and have set some goals to enable myself to complete some rides in France and Italy (Ventoux, Alpe d’Huez, Mortirolo…). I have used Computrainer (sometimes more diligently than others) for the past 5 years.

Jeff Abbott from Boulder CO. (How can I get an altitude adjustment? Just kidding, sort of). 32years old and been an athlete for 18years. Primarily a runner and triathlete. Been a Computrainer user for a full year now and use it equally in the summer and winter, mostly for interval rides and workouts.

Erik, 40, from San Luis Obispo, CA. Between work and my two young daughters I end up spending a bit of my winter miles on my Kickr to maintain fitness over the winter with the shorter days.

Zwift looks like an interesting take on trainer time, and hopefully will allow me to ride with some like minding people at the odd times of day that I can get a workout in.

I’ve been into athletics of some sort all of my life. About 4 years into my road cycling venture, and started racing last year. Am on the verge of moving up to CAT 3, mainly due to adapting a more structured training regimen and diet the last year.

I’ve put in around 5-7000 miles outdoor the last few years, but wouldn’t mind spending some more time indoors (and the wife approves) over the winter.

John, Perth, Australia

Hi, I’m one of the Track and Road Coaches for a local cycling club (Midland Cycle Club) and ‘support/logistics team’ for my son who competes as a junior.

Indoor traininer work is a staple diet for the juniors we coach no matter what the season.

I have used a few software packages form VeloReality, Sufferfest, TrainerRoad to name a few.

Our club also uses WattBikes which are superb, but I see this as an additional dimension when they have to train from home and get motivated.

Riding against each other seems to always bring out the best in kids and adults alike.

This tool would also work great on a simultated indoor track virtual world with either er other humans or bots.

Looking forward to seeing this progress and become a must have tool for Coaching.

See you out there on the Island.

I’m Joshua from Massachusetts… Been riding for the last four years and really amped it up this year… Two new bikes… road and cx’ing. It’s cold in these here hills so excited for a social/competitive solution while riding indoors. Wahoo KICKR, and more bikes than I’d like to admit.

I’m Mike W. from Maryland. 43 year old masters road racer. I prefer time trial and climbing road races and try to avoid crits when I can. Since I work full-time, I tend to ride my Computrainer on weekday mornings, so Zwift is going to be great to break up the same monotonous routine.

Hi, I’m Sean from Galway, Ireland. 46 years old; riding for over 30 years now. Used to road race fairly seriously; just ride the local club summer league now. Doing a lot more indoor riding for the last three years or so (3 small kids, busy with work, regular inclement weather … all stack up in favour of indoor riding). Have been on a Kurt Kinetic with a powertap rear wheel; just switched to a wahoo kickr this week and new to Zwift this week also. Looking forward to it; impressed and excited by what l’ve seen so far. TIMEZONE: I’m on GMT; that’s US West coast + 8 hours.

I’m Andrew from Arlington, VA. Currently a category 4 road racer, but hopefully that’ll change soon! I was very excited to get my invite today and look forward to riding with you all.

Hi, Martin Anastasovski from Macedonia. I am 39 years old. Riding bike my howl life. MTB more than 20y, and road last 2. last 7y training actively couple of times per week, and racing Masters last 3. I am also SQA manager, software quality assurance, or Tester for short. So I will tray to contribute and improve zwift while trying to crash it :).

I’m Florin from Romania. 34 years old, riding more seriously in the last 2-3 years. This year I got a powermeter. I’m a programmer, so I like numbers. Hope to stay fit and have fun this winter with Zwift.