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It is really good category for new one, who is new on forum, they can discuss about rule and term of forum.

Looking to get ZWIFT in my school with a class of 10. I have the bicycles. What do I need to get started. Thank you

Hello; My name is Deborah and I’ve been Zwifting since Dec of last year. I was rehabbing from a serious cycling injury where I was hit by a car. I was doing really well with a few minor set backs along the way but 10 months after this accident (also after working my way up to some 45km rides on Zwift climbing hills and having fun) I broke my back lifting something too heavy. This has been a major set back in my rehabilitation and I have been wondering if there are any other seriously injured athletes or beginner cyclists who would like to connect on Zwift for 20 minute flat course 1.0w/kg rides. I live in Vancouver, BC Canada so PST.


Ive looked at Zwift and would be keen to participate. Tried the 1 week free trial and have many friends who are now Zwifters. BUT I am often away travelling. Sometimes for 6-8 weeks, sometimes for 1-2-3 weeks. Probably away about 12 weeks per year. I would like to see the ability to suspend (say with minimum suspend of 1 week) OR alternatively a month by month purchase plan, so that participants with a lifestyle like mine or similar aren’t constantly paying for time when Zwift will not be used…and if Zwift takes this on board, DON’T penalise those who require this with a fee loading. Charge ONLY what others pay. Our usage pattern doesn’t deserve penalties, we use it in accordance with our other life commitments. Would love to hear others comments. I know that many with whom I have discussed agree and they have encouraged me to put the idea up on the forum.

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My 12 year old son (53kg/167cm) did his first FTP test yesterday. His FTP is set at 160watt.
What are the average For this age group?

Hello everyone, My name is Smith and I am a new member in this forum.


hello everybody

I´m new here, does anyone coulde help me.
I need to get/buy a heart frequencimeter, but I dont know which brand is compatible to zwift app.
you could help me know???
thank you all

Hi Andy, Did you get some support regarding getting Zwift into your school? I’m considering introducing Zwift to my local schools however i cant see it being affordable if each student needs to get a membership. I’m keen to chat with zwift about education packages and cant seem to find a representative in australia to talk with.

Is there a Zwift program for senior citizens? I’m 82…an avid bicyclist but no longer interested in racing…even if I had the capacity. Is there any help for folks like me?


Please fix Zwift Power backlog. I come to Zwift for the events and you have totally messed up Zwift Power since you bought it. How hard can it be to keep it up to date!!

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I found your post. Are you still looking to connect with someone? I am in Winnipeg.

Hello my name is Bob and I’m from Washington State. I am new to Zwift and I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m looking forward to riding and making some new friends along the way.

hello, please can i have my power data reset?changed from dumb trainer to thinkrider x3 pro on 28th jan 21.thanhks so much!

How does the category work i ride in a c , then look in swift power and everyone above me is a B or A, they fly pass me on the ride

Heart rate monitors pair with the device running the Zwift app, or the Zwift Companion app. Their are two types of communication for HRMs: ANT+ and Bluetooth. Garmin even has a HRM that supports both ANT+ and Bluetooth. Most laptops, desktop computers, tablets and Apple TV support Bluetooth. You have to go out of your way to support ANT+, typically by purchasing an ANT+ dongle that connects to a USB port on your device. Make life simple, and get a Bluetooth HRM. Happy Zwifting.

I just came across this post. I know it’s quite old but I’m brand new and would love to connect. I’m also in BC.

can anyone recommend a gentle build up plan on Zwift? Couldn’t be on a bike for 16+ month due to injury and want to do a proper build up.
Thanks in advance

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