Comments on Zwift Running Program



I used another program for about 15 years before I found Zwift, it’s better in terms of running with others on the internet but could use a LOT of improvement:

1.  If you get kicked out you lose all your mileage, no autosave.

2.  Menus are very limited, you have to exit entirely for a lot of functions.

3.  No track stadium and what about features like 1/4 mile splits, etc?  Maybe leaderboard on stadium “tv”?

4.  Cycling information is there for runners, do we really need to see every cyclist?

5.  For the cost of $14.99 a month the program should have more features.

6.  How about a ranking system for more competitive people?   Like…you’re 1,316 in 5 time.

7.  Is there a way to get in touch with other runners to set up meets?   Seems pretty random right now.

8.  I know it’s new for runners but we need more people on board, most runs have 0-1 people.

9.  Can I volunteer to lead a group run?


Lots more, too much to fit in here…



Just an FYI, running is FREE and is still considered to be in beta. You can also sync your runs to Strava and compare yourself to others and yourself over time if you want. If you got rid of all the cyclist there would hardly be anyone around since most people are running outside during this time of year. You should join the Zwift Runners group on Facebook to connect with other runners.

Thank you! Running is still in Beta so we need feedback like this to help us work on it; and I totally agree that it would be awesome to have a track stadium. Who knows, maybe the devs will decide to have one in a future course as we grow. 

If you want to put together a group run, try emailing to talk to them about possibly doing that.

I hope that you continue to enjoy running as we improve and grow!

I agree, think I’ve put around 50 KM into Zwift Run but the cycling has taken over, I’ll get back into it as I think it’s a great inclusion on cycling. Couple of pieces of feedback from me…

  • courses need to be run specific, like a 5,10,20 KM loop course. Cycling courses just too long
  • track running is a fantastic idea
  • I have a milestone pod, if Incalibrate at 10km/h then start running at 9km/h as a warmup it goes a bit flakey trying to determine my speed for the remainder of runs.
  • group runs are essential but just don’t think the demand is there yet.
  • when Zwift was in Beta there were incentives to test and trial, for example disc wheel. How about some incentives and cool kit for the runners currently testing. :slight_smile:

Ah ok still in Beta, didn’t know that.   The reminder says I only have a about 10km left then have to pay $14.99 a month, I guess that won’t happen?


I’ll check into Strava.   Yeah an Olympic stadium would be amazing, you could have all kinds of events from the mile to the marathon and even do age group competitions.  The other program I used had a crowd cheering and it got louder as you got closer to the finish line, a lot of fun!

What program was that Peter?

The run to my knowledge costs nothing,
The 10km remaining would be related to any cycling you may have done. At least that’s my understanding. You only need to pay the monthly subscription for the cycling.

I’m hoping when run comes out of beta that it doesn’t increase the monthly subscription, at $20 AUS I would think it would be included until it at least evolves substantially.

Right, I must have clicked on cycling by accident and see the 10km left.


I use this program even when running outside is available because finding places to run after work when you get home late just is too much trouble.   Running around in dense urban neighborhoods means constant stops and I prefer softer surfaces like tracks or the treadmill.   Tracks are great but creepy at night without lights and you never know when an event is on (or its closed for some reason) so it’s a 50/50 chance that you find it open.   That time spent looking for places to run I save using a treadmill, except on weekends.

I’m a runner who likes to crosstrain on the bike and joined Zwift when I got a good deal on a Kickr Snap. I’ve only done 4-5 runs on the TM since joining but I have to say that I’m much more willing to use the TM on a particularly steaming hot day now that I can have the distraction of Zwift while plodding away.

So far I have found the Milestone Pod much better than the old Garmin Ant+ foot pod for accuracy at paces other than what it’s calibrated for. And I’ll be interested to see how it improves/changes now that they’re owned by Zwift.