Longest Zwifter?

Just had a look back at emails to find when i first joined Zwift, on the Beta test program 3rd August 2015, anyone here beat this? PM and Dumb turbo back then.

Yes, there are those that go back to Jarvis Island, before Watopia, and back into 2014.

I started in June 2015 and missed out on riding on Jarvis. For equipment, we went straight to the KICKR and are still happy with that today. We’ve had different bikes set up on it over time. We’ve now got a 6800 105 drive train on a cheap frame that’s not suitable for riding outside.


I applied in 2014 but the Mac version wasn’t released until Jan 2015. Still managed to get a few months of Jarvis, though, so I’m in that nostalgic group :wink:

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I sighed up for beta (Jan 2015) but due to a unsupported trainer I had to wait.