What using Zwift as a PC user feels like

This is how Zwift feels to PC users on very good gaming hardware on a 4K 50" TV…

“and in every way this is depressing…”
“60% of the time, the scenery is obstructed… everytime”

That is a funny and great example.

Here’s Zwifts auto-screenshot of my row yesterday.

It should be very easy to enable a toggle option in the game on PC to remove the HUD all together, in fact Zwift demonstrated this as well yesterday in the second auto-screenshot Zwift saved for me.

Sporks are the best.

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I don’t think it is to distracting, I would like more customization but I guess there are other more important things that I want.

but you can try this.


To be honest I don’t mind it too much either. Customization of the HUD would be cool. But for now for sure the easiest solution is simply to offer the in-game toggle of all HUD or no HUD.

I’d rather not have to modify any files before launching the game and I’d enjoy the ability to toggle the HUD while riding. Keyboard key H would be perfect.

try changing direction when you come to a direction change in game and you want to go off the route you have chosen… you cant, because it disabled the entire UI :frowning:
Not a suitable workaround if you want to change your route mid ride.

Did you try the Keyboard arrows?

Well… graphics is one thing. I hate that it automatically shuts down the whole program when I press “end ride”… sure I’m done, but still… just lost a 25km ride because of it. It usually saves though - just not this time.

One thing missing from this graphic is how comically tiny the little arrow is that indicates which direction you’re going on the upcoming profile preview in the top-right. All this business going on and one actually useful piece of information is so small I can’t even see it when my face is right in front of the screen.