What’s the correct length and elevation for stage 7?

Signed up for 7 and noticed that there are 2 different elevations for standard ride in particular for the stage. What’s the core distance and elevation?

Not sure what the official number is, I just did the standard ride (Castle to Castle) and it was 23.4km, and 141m, but I let it glide after the finish line so it’s a slight bit shorter.

Edit: The actual description puts it at 23.2km, and 141m, which seems accurate.

The discrepancy is between the description that accompanies stage route maps and the maps themselves. The elevation for the standard route is very different in each.

The map shows the correct elevation. The description of 1,001ft appears to be wrong.

@James_Zwift ?

Yeah, we’re looking at the discrepancies between the two reported distances as well as where we have distance/elevation wrong.

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