What kit is this

Does anyone know why I got this orange kit with bullskull on the back while cruising less then 1 km with Diesel?

Fuego flats jersey. It is for having the fastest time on the Fuego flats segment.

Hi Oliver, okay thanx.
Surprises me as I was cruising, lol
Gr. and ride on

Possibly a glitch because that’s definitely what it is, but that would seem unlikely as a proper way to pick it up. Are you sure you didn’t do the sprint?

You are a sprinter good effort fastest of the group

At 66 being called a sprinter is a huge compliment, thanx!!!

Hi Ian, I did 3 sessions that day. First warm up with sprint, second Neokyo stage 3, third cool down. In the third I did not sprint but I read that you keep that jersey for one hour, I think that that happened.
Gr and ride on