L39ion kits should have been unlocked!

It’s said a rare opportunity to get the kit!

Please unlock the kit for fans as you promised ! Would you?

It says “unlock the kit FOR THIS RIDE” I think that means you don’t get to keep it, it was just during that ride. Most professional teams don’t allow you to keep their jersey, they are for official team members only.


This ride doesn’t unlock the jersey for future use, I’m afraid.

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My reading would be the same as Mike’s.

Unlock the jersey “for the duration of this ride”, since it also goes on and says it’s a rare opportunity for fans to wear the kit, rather than a rare opportunity to unlock it.

I’ve done rides in the past with a team kit that I didn’t keep afterwards (Ineos for example).

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We agree that the wording is a bit on the confusing side so we’re going to try and get it changed for future events.


Thx mate. But I didn’t wear that jersey in that event too ! You should unlock the kit for me accidentally if possible…just as what happened to us! It’s quite late in our local time …I know you could do that like Matrix 4 lol.