Jersey change during training

Hi, I’m kind of new to Zwift, so this might be a stupid question.
I’ve choosen my jersey in my settings (Camo-kit) but somehow the clothes change during training. Happends a couple of times.
Last night my kit suddenly changed to this jersey during some interval training. What does that mean? I have the feeling that it is related to the specific workout. Or am I wrong?

Welcome, Calle!

Never happened to me - and I’ve been around for some time (not as long as some, but still…), and this is the first I’ve seen anyone bringing this issue.

Care to share you setting? (not suspecting of anything, just collecting data…)

That is the special jersey for having the fastest time on the jungle circuit, you keep it until someone posts a faster time or an hour has elapsed.


Ok, thanks for your answer! Didn’t know that

Thanks here as well. You learn something new every day…