in training jersey

It would be great if there was a in training jersey available.  Zwift is very social and I have a hard time doing interval training and hill challenges when someone i have met catches up to me and waves and wants to ride together I dont want to be rude and just take off 

I hear you.   I’m sure people get tired of me heading up the road, only to pass me in a couple of minutes as I recover.   I wonder if this could also be a thing where the community at large just picks a jersey and designates that jersey, or a couple jerseys as training jerseys.   You see some of this already starting with the bumblebee jersey being used for social rides.   I’ll nominate the initial zwift kit (because everyone should have it available), or the one that looks like the vintage Molteni kit.   It’s pretty easy to get hold of, and let’s face it, everyone wants to be Eddy Merckx.