Jerseys Pointless

Ok this may be controversial but it’s genuine feedback. The Jerseys currently in the game are absolutely pointless for 95% of the riders. Quite simply there are only ever a few people on the circuit at one time that are capable of the superhuman feats necessary to attain one. 

So why not create Jerseys that mean something to all players.  Jerseys that are based on the riders PBs and trigger when you get within a given % of it. 

At the end of the day this truly is a single player game, there’s you, the trainer and the course. It would be great to get achievements and Jerseys to build your confidence, inspire you to keep playing and for that sense of pride. But currently that’s only achievable by an elite few. 

Keep up the good work. 


First let me say i commend the deveolpers at zwift for what they do and what there trying to do.  Zwift is that of service that is trying to take the suck of soul-sucking trainer, and give it a social platform.  It does some things really well, but i feel the “competitive” aspect will never be perfect.

This is the controversy of the jerseys.  There are a lot of intricacies that mar this concept across the board.

  • Powermeters are not created equal
  • Type of trainer smart vs. static
  • Zpower - depending on user, can give false highs (trainer setup, tire pressure, wheel tension, selecting the right trainer, speed sensor setup)
  • Weight of riders - In game riders set there weight (another source of controversy)
  • The actual in-game algorithm used to calculate speed may vary session to session 


The competitive aspect is more of an honor system, it only takes a few riders to sour the well, whether they know it or not.  At best if they get a surge of watts/kg a game admin is watching and will flag them.

That is why i never go for jerseys, and even if you bring the subject of jerseys you are immediately pegged as confrontational.  I doubt it will ever be a fully cleaned up system.  

All good points but what I’m getting at is FAR more basic. Quite simply only 5% of those online are even vaguely fit enough to challenge for those jerseys. It doesnt matter how hard the majority of us train or try we will NEVER be able to take on pro riders 1 on 1. 

You wouldn’t expect me to play an elite golfer with no handicap given, you wouldn’t expect me to race an elite sprinter with no head start BUT you do expect me (and most others) to take on elite cyclists pro-rata. 

I don’t want a handicap or a head start, but I would like jerseys I could achieve / aim at. Things that show everyone I’m working hard. 

I can snag a polka dot or fastest lap jersey a few times a month, but it only aligns when the competition is moderate and there don’t appear to be mis-configured setups.  I don’t set out to get a jersey in every ride or anything like that.

What I think Zwift should do is to create more types of jerseys or recognitions in game.  The three jerseys right now are very performance oriented and serve a useful function now, so maybe we could add some such as:

  1. Most consistent rider:  Person on course who has ridden the most days in a row.
  2. Furthest distance: Person who has ridden the longest distance so far this week (or month, perhaps).
  3. People’s choice: Popular rider who got the most ride-on notices.  (this could create some bad incentives though, not too sure about this)
  4. Most aggressive: Red numbers on the jersey denoting if your variability index is the highest.  This is an indicator of someone who paces in a very extreme way.
  5. Personal Bests: The most recent person to achieve a personal best distance gets the jersey.  I don’t care if your PB is 200km or 20km, reward and recognize the individual pursuit of pushing boundaries.

I guess what I’m saying is that it would be possible to take the 3 historical jerseys and expand the criteria but I think we should take it in a direction to recognize other ride achievements.

I’d support all of those, but like to concentrate on #5.

All the “average” and “slower” riders that I’m sure Zwift would like to sell this experience to have 0 interest / chance to achieve the current Jerseys OR 1-4 above.

Nor can you be expected to continually beat your PB’s.  But you could recognise in-game when you get within x% of a PB and could give a big reaction / visual reward to an actual PB.

The game needs somehow to find a way to keep people interested / motivated who are simply not able to climb Zwift mountain in 1m 40s.  I’m an average club rider, but I’d like to think that people new to cycling, coming here to start getting fit, etc, were able to get recognition too.  And once you are carrying a “PB crown” (example) then other riders will surely give encouragements and thus the person is inspired to carry on.

Lap, sprint and KoM/QoM jerseys aren’t a huge draw for me (although I’ve had the green once and that was nice).  The 100km and 100mi jerseys are a nice badge of achievement though, and I’m looking forward to wearing them.

Overall, I must say I’m most interested in just being able to wear a virtual representation of my real world kit.

It’d be nice to have a way of overlaying other achievements on top of them though. Whether that’s the “100mi” or “100km” logos, or “hey, this rider just set a new 30 day PR on Libby hill!”

I was riding with a friend on Zwift the other day, and there was a pack of riders together. Would have loved to be able to recognize which rider was him by his jersey/outfit rather than the name-tag and the who’s nearby list. If there were more customization options or ability to upload team kits, that would be helpful.

From what I’ve seen your PB’s are for the previous 30 days anyway, so getting a jersey if you beat your own PB from the previous 30 days would be pretty cool.

I’ve not ridden Zwift all that much as of yet since the weather where I live is still really great. When I do ride on Zwift, I’d like to have some easy option of at least picking a jersey color, much like when I go on a regular road ride.

I don’t race nor am I competitive when out on a ride so special jerseys don’t really mean that much to me. They do to some, and that’s fine, but I’d just like to mix it up some times.

I can usually take a green jersey or two while I’m on solo, and occasionally pick up the others when conditions favor me. If there are hardcore group rides or races on and I’m not on the train, all of that goes out the window. I accept that, because it’s no different in the real world. Same deal if a stronger rider happens to be on at the time. While I am an amateur racer, I am by no means a good one. I have no problem recognizing there are people who are faster and stronger than I am (without virtual doping). That’s life.

They don’t really matter, because they’re passed on in time anyway to the rider who beats you or as it times out. For that reason, if you’re getting that wrapped up about not being able to win one, you’re doing it wrong. The different color jerseys are based on RACING jerseys, and are meant to highlight a “currently superior” rider. They aren’t a participant badge just for showing up. Again, accept there are stronger riders out there.

I wouldn’t mind individual indications of a personal best, like a colored stripe on the rider board next to your name for that day indicating the specific achievement. Too many jerseys just gets confusing and devalues the existing jerseys. That would get the public recognition and potential Ride Ons that the kids seem to chase these days.

The jerseys are not pointless to me. I will on occasion see one of these riders pass me and to test my fitness I will attempt to pace them for a bit. It gives me a better measure of my fitness vs other riders than just looking at the numbers. Even if that rider is cheating the on screen results would be the same as if it were a Tour competitor.  As I stated in other posts I am not here for competition just an entertaining way to continue my riding and having these jersey holders riding the route helps with that IMO. 


I like the jerseys and I disagree they are pointless and impossible to earn.  I’m less than a year into cycling and just this week I earned the green/orange and polka dot jersey.  its my first time to get them.  Now, maybe it was the time I was riding, not as packed but it still meant something that I earned them.  I don’t disagree, something for beating personal goals would be great too but I like the fact I may earn one.  So, I think they are ok, something fun to earn extra while I pedal my guts out.  its still a LOT better than without zwift.  I am addicted, I admit it  

Hi, I agree with Annette
I just started ZWIFTING In February and this week I got my first 2 jerseys by sheer luck, power, stubbornness whatever ; I was beyond excited bc I have been working my pottutie off; and whether is against 5 people or 132 I love the thrill of my PB and if as a byproduct I end up getting a Jersey, even better :slight_smile:
I wish it could show in the badges :slight_smile: as a reminder and motivation ; Zwift for life!

Personally, I find the KoM jerseys to be a good motivator for turning a ‘good’ effort on any given climb into an ‘all-in, KoM-or-bust’ effort toward the top whenever I see that I’ve got a shot.  I don’t get them often, but every now and then… 

(and, fwiw, I’m decidedly not superhuman, lol)