What is the drop shop?

Just went into the garage to put on a new kit, and there is a drop shop. What is that?

Somewhere to spend drops, the in-game currency. You can buy various frames and wheelsets, which all have different attributes that make virtually no difference whatsoever.


From Zwift Insider: How to purchase bike frames and wheels from Zwift’s Drop Shop.

Just somewhere to waste your hard earned drops.

All you need is Specialized Tarmac Pro, Lightweight Meilenstein wheels (they have to be earned on Alpe du Zwift) and probably Tron (has to be earned).

Later on you can get Venge S-Works and the DT Swiss disc wheels.

The Lightweight Meilenstien wheels are not earned, they are won playing the spinning wheel game of chance when you cross the finish line at the top of the Alp de Zwift. Some people are lucky and win the Lightweight Meilenstien wheels the first time they climb Alp de Zwift. Other people must make many more trips up Alp de Zwift to win the Lightweight Meilenstien wheels. It took me 14 rides up Alp de Zwift to finally win the Lightweight Meilenstien wheels!

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Tbf the Roval Alpinist wheelset are the same speed as the Millies for going uphill.

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Well that was pedantic.