What is Error ZL103?

What is error ZL103? It just appeared today with no change or use in my PC from my last ride. Zwift refuses to run. There is no record of it in the Zwift forums apparently, and Zwift chat doesn’t work.

If you’re going to have an error code with a comment to look at Zwift support, could you please actually have some information about that error code?

Hi @Ken_Handcyclist

Sorry to hear that you’re getting that error code and unable to find information about how to troubleshoot it. This code means that Zwift was trying to update, but timed out.

I know you mentioned that nothing has changed on your end, but if you could humor us in checking a couple of things it would be appreciated. Make sure that you’re on a home network, or full permission to use the network that you’re on as that can cause this error code to come up. Make sure that your not on a VPN network or using a mobile hotspot. If you have an anti virus program on your computer, that may have updated and Zwift is no longer whitelisted, check that and make sure that the Zwift app is whitelisted.

Other things you can try is resetting your modem/router, disable Dropbox/Cloudbox/OneDrive as that can cause this error code to pop up. Reboot your computer and see if that helps.

If all that doesn’t help, follow the steps in this support article for uninstalling Zwift on your computer (make sure to back up any custom workouts files that you want to keep, if you don’t care about those you can skip that step). Once Zwift if fully deleted from your computer make sure to reboot it. You can grab a fresh copy from Download Zwift on iOS, MAC, PC, or Android Devices | Zwift and install that on your computer. Don’t worry, all of your progress is saved on our servers.

Give those things a try and if you’re still having issues, reach out to our support team. I know the chat bot can be a pain to navigate, but eventually it will get you to a live chat person, or the option to email us. Include any screenshots that you can take of the error code, that will help our support team.

Getting error ZL03 and told to contact support, but no response and this error does not appear in any search.