What happens to my roller?

I have an intelligent roller “Bkool Pro” that I use with Zwift, and until today no problem.
But today, when doing a test, I realized that the roller marked me more w. of the correct thing and I have appeared the following warning:

Or did you’ve missed your calling as a pro cyclist or your equipment is not set up properly.
Ensure that your power meter or smart trainer is properly calibrated. Your superhuman times will not show up in the leaderboards this ride

I have noticed that the roller already marks the w. correctly, has been a timely error, but the error persists after you have shut down and restarted the program and the computer

Hi Jose,

The warning goes away after an hour, so it should be fine by now. If it’s is the only time it’s happened, then most likely there was an odd power spike with the Bkool Pro trainer.

Zwift takes the information sent by the trainer itself - in this case, since it’s a smart trainer, all it does is tell Zwift how many watts you are putting out and that’s what we report.

If it happens more and more frequently then there might be an issue with the trainer’s firmware or, possibly, even a hardware issue.